Chris Jericho Racial Slurs Land Him on TMZ (VIDEO)

chris jericho racial slurs

WWE star Chris Jericho is being called out for inappropriate remarks that he made while doing a Q&A session two weeks ago at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

Chris was at the event for the screening of his recent cameo role in a film project.  While he was on stage he called the moderator "Hadji" several times, a term considered a racial slur against Middle Easterners.

The wrestler also took a pot shot at Paris Hilton.  The host of the event, in a joking manner, grabbed the beverage glass from Chris to see what he was drinking.  Chris said, "It's apple juice...fag."

Of course TMZ has given Jericho a chance to defend his actions and he admits, after viewing the tape, that his comments were indeed inappropriate.  He has since apologized to anyone he may have offended.  He said that they were all having a great time on stage and that he and the moderator even shared a cocktail after the event.

Chris said that the best part of this story is that his dream of being posted on TMZ has finally materialized.

Check it out on video below - warning:  offensive content.

Photo:  WENN