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It is actually quite odd that it took this long for autopsy photos of Michael Jackson to surface. Sadly, it appears that nobody can be trusted these day when $$ is involved.

Gerald Posner wrote in The Daily Beast that he got a phone call from someone who claims to have a photo of Jackson on the autopsy table. The unidentified caller claims it is of surprisingly good quality and likely not taken with a cell phone.

There are two people who claim they have seen the photo and describe it as shocking. In the photo Michael has a shaved head, wide open eyes, tattooed eyebrows and his skin is ashen. Michael’s lips are described as flat, wide and without lipstick.

Back in June a report came out that autopsy photos had been leaked and the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office completely shut those allegations down. More on the PHOTO at PopEater.

Death photos below.

Photo: WENN