Cliff Lee Behind The Back Catch VIDEO

cliff lee philadelphia phillies starting pitcher

During Game 1 of the World Series, left-handed starting pitcher Cliff Lee, of the Philadelphia Phillies, had two amazing catches, and took it all in stride with barely an acknowledgment.

He pitched a complete Game 1 in the 2009 World Series, winning the game 6-1 over the New York Yankees.  He allowed no earned runs during this outing.  He was the first pitcher since Deacon Phillippe in Game 1 of the 1903 World Series to pitch a complete game in the World Series with 10 or more strikeouts and no walks.  Phillippe allowed two earned runs in his start, Lee was the first to do so without allowing an earned run.

Check out both catches, one behind his back, in the videos below.

First amazing catch video

Behind the back catch video