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For the first time since actor Patrick Swayze passed away 6-weeks-ago, his wife Lisa Niemi spoke of her grief on Monday at a Long Beach, California event.

Lisa’s grief could be felt across the room, as she shared the fact that Patrick’s death, “is like an animal all of it’s own.” She poured her heart out at the Women’s Conference 2009, joining the round table discussion Grief, Healing and Resilience.

The couple met as teenagers at his mother’s dance studio. Their marriage became one of the most enduring relationships in Hollywood.

She told her audience, “I’ve spent two thirds of my life with him…my regret is that I didn’t tell him I loved him enough over that 34 years. I am so grateful for what I had and my connection to him, and part of me believes that I will see him again, and I’m just going to have to go on until then.”

So heart-breaking…see their private photos and read more of what Niemi had to say at PopEater.