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Mike Fisher, 29, is the center and alternate captain of the NHL Ottawa Senators. In his off hours the Canadian pro athlete manages to find time for his 26-year-old girlfriend, country singing sensation Carrie Underwood.

The couple met in October 2008 at a concert that the former Idol winner was performing in Toronto. In a case of mutual attraction, the couple has spent the last year making it work despite the jobs that keep them traveling in opposite directions.

They have been keeping the relationship on the down low until recently. Appearing on The Sens Show last week, Fisher said, “Obviously it’s tough with our schedules to see each other but we always find a way to make it work.”

On the subject of her exceptional talent, he offered up the following, “She can sing anything–I like it when she sings a good rock song.” He even managed a plug for her new album, Play On, saying that his favorite song is called Temporary Home. Look for it to drop on November 3.

UPDATE December 21, 2009: The couple announced their engagement.

More photos and video of Fisher’s interview below. Carrie Underwood bikini photos here.