Larry Birkhead to Testify Against Howard K. Stern

larry birkhead and howard k stern

This has been a long time in coming.  The preliminary hearing in the death of Anna Nicole Smith starts today.  This hearing is intended to determine who is guilty of fueling Smith's excessive drug use.

There will be three defendants called to testify; Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich.  Each one has already plead not guilty to a total of 23 felonies.

Remember back when Larry was fighting Howard and Anna's family for custody of Dannielynn?  We do.  At that time Larry was bound and determined to prove that Howard caused Anna's death by overdosing her.  The problem now is that the tables have since turned and Howard and Larry are not only friends but they are working together on all matters concerning the estate of Anna.

Birkhead is expected to testify this Thursday or Friday.  Will he stick with his initial conclusions regarding Howard's involvement in Smith's death?  Seems like he is now between the proverbial 'rock and a hard place'.  Is he prepared to perjure himself with contradictory statements in court?  We will keep you updated.

Photo:  WENN