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Drew Barrymore recently weighed in on the David Letterman sex scandal. Making the rounds for her new movie Whip It, she was asked on The Early Show about the unfolding drama.

Barrymore called the situation unfortunate and went on to say that she has always had fun on The Late Show. Then she remarked, “I hope I didn’t start anything by jumping on his desk.” The incident she was referencing happened in 1995 and has entertained millions of YouTube viewers, who still enjoy watching her flash Dave while her back is to the camera.

The occasion was Letterman’s birthday, and she gave the show host a brief flash of her bare breasts as a surprise gift. When she appeared on his show in 2007, he playfully reminded her, “You know I have a birthday coming up. Now is there a chance you might do something like that again?”

Barrymore, ever the tease, said that it was unlikely but then added, “It’s something I think about and talk about and tell my friends.”

Check out more photos of the bare-chested incident and the video below.