Dina Lohan Says "Leave Lindsay Alone"

dina lohan defends lindsay

We must admit that Dina Lohan has not been publicly vocal about her children for the most part.  As far as daddy Michael Lohan goes....that's another story.  His latest trash talk has finally gotten a rise out of Dina, who felt compelled to address her ex-husband's latest claims about their eldest daughter Lindsay Lohan.

Yesterday Dina spoke with Page Six and made it clear that Michael is estranged from Lindsay and has no contact with her.  Michael's latest claim is that Lindsay is addicted to prescription pills and he wants the family to come together for an intervention.  Hey....aren't intervention usually kept a secret?  We're just saying...

Mother Dina said:

"I've had full custody of all my children for the last 10 years.  He has been incarcerated for some of that time, so whatever is going on in Lindsay's personal life is our business.  And for him getting paid to say things about her when he's five months behind in child support is wrong.

I can't change Michael to make him do the right thing -- that's up to him and God.  But it is hurtful for a child to have her own father, whom she has no relationship with, to say things in public about her like that."

So does Lindsay have addiction issues?  Dina said she has no idea what Michael is talking about and added that she can't comment on everything that her ex says.  Hmm, seems like she is dodging the question.

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Photo:  WENN