Nancy Grace Attacks Jon Gosselin (VIDEO)

jon gosselin is grilled by the insider panel

Jon Gosselin may have met his match last night when he faced a panel of no nonsense questioners on The Insider.  Among the crew was legal eagle and television host Nancy Grace who landed a few well placed blows while interviewing the reality show dad.

Grace took exception to the way Gosselin continued to field questions about his kids and turn each one into a discussion about himself.  At one point he said, "I know I was passive, I know I was an avoider.    Grace interjected, "Why is this always about you?  Why are we talking about you?  You were asked about your children."

Gosselin had his new legal representative Mark Jay Heller at his side during The Insider segment.  It seems Jon didn't bother to dig into the lawyers background or he would have discovered that the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division suspended Heller from practicing law from 1989-1992 for violations involving 12 separate clients.

Kate Gosselin got some licks in of her own against the paparazzi.  She filmed a spoof video that aired on Jay Leno Wednesday night - a humorous jab at celebrity website TMZ.

Check out video of the highly charged Nancy Grace Jon Gosselin exchange on The Insider below.