19 Pound Indonesian Baby PHOTOS

akbar risuddin 192 lb baby born sept 25 2009 ap andi anshari

Indonesia's biggest baby ever delivered was born via cesarean section on September 21, 2009.  He weighed a whooping 19.2 pounds and was 24.4 inches long.  The boy has been named Akbar Risuddin.  His mother Ani, 41, has diabetes--a condition that can cause abnormally large growth to a developing fetus.

Akbar beat the former Indonesian record holder, who weighed 14.7 pounds at birth in 2007.  Baby daddy Muhammad Hasanuddin said, "I'm very happy that my baby and his mother are in good health.  I hope I can afford to feed the baby enough, because he needs more milk than other babies."  The baby was born in Kisaran, North Sumatra.

The Guinness Book of World Records heaviest baby ever was born in the United States in 1879, weighing 23.75 pounds.  That newborn died eleven hours after birth.  Next in line were two 22.5 pound babies;  one born in Italy in 1955 and the other in South Africa in 1982.

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