Whoopi Slams Kate Gosselin (VIDEO)

whoopi slams kate gosselin

Whoopi slams Kate Gosselin over custody issues on The View on Friday. (see video below)

Whoopi Goldberg questioned Kate Gosselin about recent events leading up to the police being called to the Gosselin home.  A heated discussion ensued, with Whoopi, ever the devil's advocate, criticizing Kate over her decision to visit on Jon's custody day.

Gosselin, sporting a new wavy hairstyle, was one of the guest co-hosts on the Emmy-winning talk show last week, filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is out on maternity leave until mid-October.

Bill Geddie, co-executive producer of The View, said that he took two things into consideration when booking celebrity co-hosts for Hasselbeck's seat:  They either had to be women currently in the headlines or women with a conservative voice who could fill the right-leaning void while Hasselbeck was away.

He also booked each co-host for at least two days to give them a chance to settle into the role.

"When you plop down with Kate Gosselin, you can't just move on to Obama's health-care reform," he said. "You have to say, 'Okay, let's talk about you a little bit.' But that doesn't really give her the opportunity to be a co-host. By the time we get to the second day, though, then she gets to be a co-host."

Watch the Whoopi Kate Gosselin video below: