Ryan Seacrest Crazy Fan Attacker in Jail


Celebrities run into overzealous fans from time to time, but there are always a few out there that take it too far.  American Idol emcee, radio show host and E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest recently had a scare from a fan who is now behind bars.

Chidi Uzomah is now behind bars after attacking one of Ryan's security guards.  Chidi asked Seacrest for his autograph as he exited Children's Hospital of Orange County and Seacrest obliged.  The fan proceeded to follow the celeb to his car, which prompted Ryan's security team to intervene.  The fan got feisty and police were called.  When they arrived they discovered he was packing a switch blade.

Chidi was sentenced to 15 days in jail, was assessed a fine and received three years probation and must pay restitution.

Photo:  WENN