Mystery Creature Found in Panama (PHOTOS)

mystery creature found in panama

A hairless mystery creature, found and beaten to death by a group of teenagers in Panama, is drawing comparisons to the Montauk monster, which washed up on a Long Island, New York, beach last year.

The four teens, ages 14 to 16, claim they were playing near a cave at Jet Blue Hill in Cerro Azul on Saturday, when the terrifying creature crawled out and came towards them. Fearing for their safety, they attacked the beast, beating it to death with sticks, and throwing the lifeless body into a pool of water.

They later returned to take pictures of the mystery creature's body, which were then posted on the website of Central America's Telemetro television station.

A hooked claw can be seen in one of the photos, suggesting it may be a sloth that lost its hair. Others speculate it was a creature from another planet. I suggest that like the Bigfoot found last year, it is just another hoax.

UPDATE:  Apparently I was wrong to assume this is a hoax.  Zoologists in Panama are trying to identify the creature, so I guess that means they have the body.  More on this story in CNN video below.

More photos of the Panama mystery creature below:

Embedded video from CNN Video