The Biggest Loser Season 8 Weekly Recap (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

season 8 group of 16 on week 1 of biggest loser

The NBC reality show The Biggest Loser kicked off Season 8 on September 15 by introducing the viewing audience to sixteen new contestants.  This season has been dubbed 'second chances', with Season 7 contestant Daniel back again to finish what he started in early 2009.

The latest crop of contestants range in age from 19 to 56.  Their occupations run the gamut from youth mentor, social worker, teacher, salesperson, youth pastor, custodian, mortgage loan officer, engineer, student and  firefighter.

This group seems needy and appears to be carrying lots of baggage.  There were tears that would fill a river and whining that was almost deafening.

Player Shay had a meltdown and stormed out of the gym causing a difference of opinion between trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.  He wanted to run after her and Jillian, getting right into boot camp mode, wouldn't hear of it.  Shay eventually came back in and got a royal dressing down by the feisty Jillian.

The contestants were shocked and excited after discovering that they had lost a significant amount of weight their first week on The Biggest Loser campus.  The Black Team fell below the yellow line and it was up to the rest of the players to decide whether Julio or Alexandra would be sent home.  The 20-year-old female college student from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania got the boot but the good news is that she has lost 60 pounds since returning home and promises to make a good showing at the finale.

View photos and video of all of the Biggest Loser contestants along with their bio information below.