King Brothers: Alex and Derek King (Today Show Video)

alex and derek king

Alex and Derek King, who were convicted of killing their father with a baseball bat when they were 12 and 13 years old, talked with NBC Today Show's Matt Lauer about their plans for the future after being released from prison.

On November 6, 2001, at the urging of his brother Alex, Derek beat their father, Terry King, to death with a baseball bat while he slept.  The boys then set fire to their Florida home in an effort to conceal their crime.

There has never been a clear motive established for the murder, but It is believed that the King brothers may have been under the influence of their neighbor, then 40-year-old convicted sex offender Ricky Chavis, who was convicted of being an accessory to the murder during a separate trial.

Derek King's statement said Chavis "encouraged my brother Alex and I to run away" and skip school, let them stay up late and sleep late, and hid them when their father came over.

"He told us that Dad would kill us before he would let us live with Rick," Derek said in the statement read by the judge.

Derek's statement said that Chavis had encouraged the boys to lie by telling police that they had killed their father because he was abusive.

"That was not true," Derek said. "My dad never abused me."

Alex's statement said Chavis had told him he loved him and that he was gay. Alex also agreed to testify against Chavis on a charge of being an accessory to the murder and another of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Alex King was released on Wednesday morning, April 9, 2008 at 9:45 a.m. after serving six years for his part in his father’s death. Derek King was released in March, 2009 after serving seven years for his part in his father's death.


Check out the Matt Lauer interview below:

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