Octomom Beach PHOTOS, Nadya Suleman and Kids

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Nadya Suleman aka Octomom spent Saturday at San Clemente State Beach with four of her older children and one of the octuplets.  The kids played in the sand and swarmed around their mother while photographers snapped away.

Suleman claims to look better than bikini clad Kate Gosselin, a sentiment she shared on the "incredible unseen footage" that was recently aired by FOX.  She must have thought better of sporting a swimsuit and opted instead to wear a full length halter dress for the occasion.

View the Nadya Suleman beach photos below - click to enlarge.  We've also included a photo of sextuplet mom Kate Gosselin and we'll let our readers be the judge of who has the best post-baby bod?  Do let us know what you think.

Also check out the photo of Nadya Suleman in a HOT red bikini.  More photo here - including Octo-tots first birthday party pics and video.

Photos:  WENN