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Actress Mischa Barton was photographed at a hotel in L.A. on Tuesday, and sources say she was bloated and almost unrecognizable. Los Angeles police are only confirming that Barton was in need of some kind of assistance – for what they described as a “medical issue”.

Barton is reported to have suffered a breakdown after a three day coke binge and was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold. The New York Post indicates that Mischa’s friend called police after becoming terrified that the actress was going to kill herself.

Sources say that Barton is running out of money and has been hitting the party scene fast and furious in an effort to forget about her problems.

In recent weeks Mischa’s turmoil has been apparent to those who have come in contact with her. Hotel guests said that they witnessed the actress stumbling and confused around one of the pools.

During an recent interview with Life & Style magazine, Mischa said that she is healthy and comfortable in her own skin.

Mischa’s publicist Craig Schneider has confirmed that the actress is still in the hospital after being placed on a 5150 hold. California welfare laws state that Barton can be held up to 72 hours by authorities if there is a risk of harm.

Photo: WENN