Michael Jackson Ghost Video from CNN Inside Neverland

 michael jackson dead at 50

Is Michael Jackson's ghost haunting Neverland Ranch?  Last night on the CNN special "Inside Neverland," a shadowy figure is seen walking across a room from left to right at the end of a long corridor.

While Larry King interviews Jermaine Jackson -- Miko Brando, son of Marlon Brando, and longtime friend of Michael's, takes the film crew on a tour inside the main house at Neverland.

While inside Jackson's former bedroom suite, the camera points down a long hallway and a shadowy figure is seen at the far end.

Fans have flooded chat forums insisting the figure was Michael Jackson's ghost.

We are more inclined to believe someone is walking past a window on the left side, casting the long shadow across the room.

Watch the CNN video below and judge for yourself.  Do you think Michael Jackson's ghost is haunting Neverland?

We have also included footage inside Neverland Ranch from the CNN special.

Photos of Neverland Ranch