Sandra Bullock Nude Scene with Ryan Reynolds (VIDEO)

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You may not know this but Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, her co-star in The Proposal, happen to be very close friends outside of work.  In fact the two actors and their spouses, Jesse James and Scarlett Johansson spend some of their holidays together.

While filming scenes for their latest project, Bullock was having some concerns about the sex scenes and how it might affect their personal relationship.  But after the experience Sandra said that not only did it make it more believable but it brought the two closer.

"You know, when I read it...we knew we had to be true to it, we didn't pretend to shoot naked because, like, when you see someone get out of bed with a go 'It's a sheet!'  So we knew that in order for it to be truly funny we had to do it naked and it was three days of stunts - it was virtually naked stunt work.  But I did it with a friend and he was very protective of me, and I of him, and thankfully our friendship left stronger and not it could have been."

Any scenes with Ryan Reynolds sound fun to us, clothes or no clothes.  Bullock has the dubious distinction of being up for a Razzie award for Worst Actress AND an Oscar award for Best Actress - read about the dilemma here.

View the movie trailer below.  Bullock won a Golden Globe for "The Blind Side" - check it out here.