Patriotic Celebrities Sporting the Colors (BIKINI PHOTOS) Happy 4th of July!!


We've pulled together some great celebrity photos that are not only pleasing to the eye but perhaps speak to our patriotic sensibilities as well.  While some may frown upon the practice of sporting representations of Old Glory, others embrace the practice--particularly on the 4th of July.

The most recognized symbol in our American culture, the original 13-star version was adopted in 1777.  Our current 50-star flag was adopted in 1960.

Jessica Simpson sang the National Anthem at the Pro-Am earlier this week.  Tiger Woods and Tony Romo seemed to enjoy it - photos and video here.

View our ever so patriotic flag gallery below.

  • britney spears the young one
  • cindy crawford sports a red white and blue bikini
  • heidi montag


  • 4th of july fireworks at statue of liberty
  • lucy liu

  • marty engels shows his patriotism shirley jones looks on
  • meryl streep
  • nicole-richie.jpg


  • full wenn31485
  • halle berry and ringo starr
  • kat von d and kid rock

  • paris hilton and stephen colbert
  • sarah palin
  • victoria beckham and isaac hayes
  • we dont know her name but she looks very patriotic