Dr. Conrad C. Murray is Michael Jackson Cardiologist (PHOTOS)

dr conrad murray michael jackson cardiologist

Police have identified the doctor who administered Demerol to Michael Jackson and then unsuccessfully attempted to revive him while other handlers phoned 911 to summon help.  The cardiologist, who has had multiple financial setbacks, is Dr. Conrad C. Murray.

The physician graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville in 1989 and is licensed to practice in California, Nevada and Texas.  He is associated with Global Cardiovascular Associates in Las Vegas and has had over $400,000 in court judgments assessed against him for failure to pay child support, tax liens in California and Arizona, and non-payment of credit card and loan payments.  There are several other cases pending.

Murray had been Michael Jackson's physician for three years and very recently became a full time employee who was at the rented Holmby Hills home on Thursday.  Police have impounded his car as evidence.  According to police Deputy Chief Charlie Beck, the doctor's vehicle has been towed and investigators will be searching for evidence of drugs.

Investigators plan to question Murray about his involvement with Jackson and, in particular, what happened on Thursday morning.  Beck said, "We do not consider him to be uncooperative at this time.  We think he will assist us in coming to the truth of the facts in this case."

Jackson was under contract with AEG Live to perform multiple concerts over the next six month in London beginning on July 13.  President and CEO Randy Phillips said the family would have stayed in a rented London estate and the concerts at O2 Arena would have been spaced out and not particularly strenuous.

The contract required AEG Live to pay for the full-time services of Dr. Murray, with some money already advanced to Jackson for that purpose.  Phillips questioned the significant expense of having a full time doctor.  Jackson said, "Look, this whole business revolves around me.  I'm a machine and we have to keep the machine well-oiled."

Dr. Murray sent a letter to his patients on June 15th in which he said, "Because of a lifetime opportunity, I have to make a most difficult decision to cease practice of medicine indefinitely."  See full letter here.

The preliminary autopsy results are in and the coroner indicates that there were no outward signs of trauma to the body and no foul play.  The cause of death has been deferred until additional tests are back from the lab.  The most important aspect of the investigation is likely to focus on the toxicology findings, which could take 4-6 weeks.  See last photos here.

Jackson's children are currently staying with Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother.  California law may grant custody of the two older children to their biological mother Debbie Rowe.  The dermatology nurse was Jackson's second wife and gave birth to Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.   A third child, Prince Michael Jackson II was conceived by an unidentified surrogate from Europe - see photos of the children here. 

View another photo of the cardiologist below.

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