Stephen Colbert Shaved Head (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Stephen Colbert, 45 year old comedian and Comedy Central favorite, took The Colbert Report on the road to Baghdad over the weekend.  He is taping four episodes to be aired this week on his satirical news show.

Sporting a camouflage suit and tie, the political satirist appeared on stage at the domed marble hall of Saddam Hussein's former Al Faw Palace to entertain the troops in Iraq.

Ray Odierno, the current Commanding General in Iraq - and noticeably bald, had some fun with the crowd by taking an electric razor to the comedian's perfectly styled hair.  Actually, he was ordered to do so by President Obama, who joined the discussion on video feed.  The crowd roared their approval as Colbert did what he does best--he played a pompous, blustering conservative TV host.

Colbert said he was spurred on to make the trip when the economy eclipsed the war in news coverage.  He reportedly wasn't nervous about the dangers of Iraq, only about doing a good show for the troops.  He said, "The show is always about me, it's always about the character.  What's different about this, it's really about them.  If they laugh, I will be completely satisfied."

We've been given a 'teaser' look at the new haircut.  The full episode will air tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central - see ad below.

View video of Colbert and the troops below - taped by a soldier in the crowd.  The second video shows Goodrich High School principal David St. Aubin, currently serving in Iraq, as he delivered the commencement address to the graduating senior class from his post in Baghdad.  Colbert was on hand and came on camera to greet the students.

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