Britney Spears Topless Pictures Hit the Net

 britney spears topless photos

Britney Spears topless photos and nude pictures have been rumored to exist for quite some time, and now the long-awaited and much searched for pics have hit the net.

The topless photos of Britney were snapped during filming for her "Gimme More" video.  Painted-on rose tattoos cover her exposed breasts leaving very little to the imagination.

The explicit pictures were taken nearly two years ago during a very tumultuous time for the pop singer that saw her embroiled in legal battles and hospitalized for bizarre behavior.

The Britney Spears topless pictures were posted online by British tabloid News of the World.

Britney has seen a resurgence in her career with the current  Circus tour, and is said to be planning a series of "sexy parties across London."

MTV UK quotes a source as saying, "It's going to be crazy. Britney wanted to throw parties people will be talking about for years. I promise you, you've never seen anything so explicit in your life."

View Britney Spears "Gimme More" video below.