Brooke Shields Furious: Tabloid Duped Mother's Nursing Home

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Brooke Shields has been besieged by paparazzi for the past two weeks following her casual involvement in an altercation that landed Kiefer Sutherland in hot water with police.

Shields has reported that she happened to be near Sutherland when she was accidentally jostled by Jack McCollough.  A very inebriated Kiefer proceeded to break the famed designer's nose, in a misguided attempt to defend Brooke's honor.

Shields has since provided sound bites to numerous media outlets, expressing her disbelief that she is now being stalked by the press over something that was really never her deal to begin with.

A heartbreaking blow to the actress was the discovery that her 75 year old mother Teri Shields, who is being cared for at an Old Tarpan, New Jersey nursing home because of dementia, has now been drawn into the tabloid fray.

Old Tarpan Police Department Capt. Thomas Shine notified Shields that they were summoned to the nursing home at 3:00 p.m. Thursday to look for Teri Shields.  The home had allowed two men, reportedly freelancing for the National Enquirer, to check her out of their facility.  When she had been absent for an extended period of time, they grew concerned and phoned for police assistance in locating her.

Teri Shields was found next door at a restaurant, but Brooke has come to understand that the reporters drove her around town while trying to solicit information that they could use for a tabloid story.   Police found her in the company of one man, and walked her back to the assisted living facility.  They questioned the freelance reporter about the incident, though his photographer had already left the scene.

Brooke Shields is reportedly upset with the care facility that she entrusted with her mother's care and infuriated by the actions of the tabloid reporter.  It seems likely legal action will be forthcoming in this very unfortunate incident.

More photos below and an interview from yesterday.

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