Gretchen Wilson Plans to Call Her Mom


With her fourth album I Got Your Country Right Here coming out this summer, one would think that country singer Gretchen Wilson has it all.  The fact is that she has been estranged from her mother for many years and this Mother's Day she plans on trying to reconnect via the telephone.

Gretchen was raised by a teenage mother and had described her upbringing as impoverished and difficult.  She has been vocal in sharing the fact that her mother was a battered wife who tried to numb the pain with alcohol and drugs.

Because of the turmoil that Gretchen endured, she dropped out of school at the age of fourteen.  Just last year the singer studied for and passed the GED test and received her diploma.

As the mother of eight year old daughter Grace, she has high expectations for her offspring too.  She is already instilling in her the importance of a solid education.

So tomorrow is Mother's Day and Gretchen has heard that her mother is well and doing a lot better in her life and plans to reconnect.  We wish them well.

Photo: WENN