Kim Kardashian Rocks New Hair Color (HOT PHOTOS)

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Kim Kardashian has changed her hair color.  The normally gorgeous brunette has had her dark locks colored a wonderful shade of warm brown with touches of blonde highlights, for a stunning new look.

We think the warm tones are very flattering, and definitely soften her features.  We must admit that at first glance, we didn't recognize her.  Dare we say....she is looking very Beyonce.

The photos were taken yesterday, while Kim was visiting a Manhattan nail salon for a pedicure.  Now for the bad really is a wig.  We just checked Kim's website and it turns out she did a photo shoot this weekend while wearing the fake hair piece.  She admits that she loves it and has been wearing it all over NYC this weekend.

Kim Kardashian wants to know if her fans think she should keep the new look.  Check it out here and be sure to let her know what you think.

Check out more photos below.  We imagine that her fiance Reggie Bush is loving the new look.

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kim k shopping in soho

Photos:  JDH/