Raymond Edward Jackson May Be the Dumbest Con-Artist Ever


Raymond Edward Jackson, 40, of Eagan, MN, must have thought the woman he met in Wisconsin this past September was a real idiot.  Well, the joke's on him as he is sitting in a Hawaiian jail charged with two felonies for theft and fraud.

Jackson met a 49-year-old divorced woman from western Wisconsin at a local town festival.  Jackson swept this woman off her feet and she fell head over heels for him.  Two months into the relationship they were engaged, and by Thanksgiving he moved into his fiance's house and they planned to be married in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve.

On December 23rd, just 8 days before the wedding, Jackson told his fiancé he had a big job interview in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and asked if he could use her credit card to buy an airline ticket.  She didn't think twice and gave him her credit card for the ticket.

Here is where it gets interesting - he did not purchase a ticket to Grand Forks, but instead opted for a one-way ticket to Maui.

Obviously, the woman did not take a look at his ticket as she drove him to the airport thinking he was going to Grand Forks.  When she arrived home she noticed several missing items and started to figure out the web of deception.  She placed a call to Frontier Airlines and they informed her that the ticket purchased was to Maui. Missing from the fiancé's home were her laptop computer, her cell phone, a pearl necklace, her diamond engagement ring, which of course he did not pay for, and other items totaling approximately $7,600.

Jackson's plan was to go to Hawaii to meet another woman he intended on marrying.  The stolen engagement ring was now for fiancé #2.  Jackson allegedly also used fiancé #1's credit card when he arrived in Hawaii, racking up charges around $1,700. One of his stops was a time-share presentation - no doubt for the free breakfast and tour.

We are not sure, but we think conning someone using their credit card would not be a good idea because you can be tracked, and that is exactly what happened.  Also we don't think you would want to use your jilted fiancé's cell phone if you do not want to be tracked either.  This is where he got caught.  Fiancé #1 called the voice mail from her stolen cell phone and picked up a message from a Hawaiian florist saying that the flowers were arriving at the hotel room of fiancé #2, who subsequently became his new wife. This is when fiancé #1 called Wisconsin authorities.

Shocking news here, but this is not the first time the con-artist has been in trouble.  He was convicted of theft and swindle in Tennessee and Missouri, as well as domestic assault on his ex-wife in California.

This guy is a real dandy and thankfully he was just dumb enough to get himself caught!  I wonder what his new bride thinks? Oh I am sure she has no clue - after all, he is a con-artist.  Word is she is from Russia and has since returned to her native homeland.

Photo of Jackson below.

Raymond Edward Jackson