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Willie Aames, 48, opens up about his Thanksgiving Day suicide attempt after filing bankruptcy, having his car repossessed and his wife of 22 years, Mayla Upton, asking for a divorce.

The former child star from Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge had been sober for 20 years when he left his Kansas home depressed and shaken, and rented a room in Los Angeles from a friend, stealing a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Aames was also taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication when he put a knife to his throat and cut himself in six places.

After he was taken to the USC psych ward in L.A., a doctor told him that “most people were there because they’d either lost a job, a family member or relocated,” Willie tells Star magazine. “I was there for of all those.”

Since the suicide attempt last year, Aames has been trying to get his life back on track.