Tony Romo Collapsed After Sunday Game


On Sunday the Dallas Cowboys, led by QB Tony Romo, suffered a stunning 44-6 loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles after he threw three turnovers.  Back in the locker room Romo continued to have a bad day by reportedly collapsing in the shower.

Athletic trainer Jim Maurer rushed into the shower area and eventually helped the player to his feet after he refused to be loaded on a stretcher that had been brought to the scene.  He was taken into the training room where he was able to regroup before heading to the after-game press conference.

When Romo finally reached the podium, he would not answer questions regarding his health.  There is speculation that the star quarterback may have sufffered a rib injury during the second half of the game.

We are betting girlfriend Jessica Simpson will be by his side playing nursemaid.

Check out Terrell Owens' post game interview with ESPN below.