Heather Mills May Have to Give Up Some of Paul's Money


One must wonder if Sir Paul McCartney is getting any satisfaction from his ex-wife Heather Mills latest bout of trouble.  Mills is being sued by her daughter's nanny Sara Trumble, who claims that she has had to go above and beyond the call of duty with increasing regularity.

Trumble quit her job of caring for young Beatrice back in September  because she was upset about the late night hours that were followed by early morning requests to blow dry Heather's hair.  She was also required  to give her nude boss an overall spray tan.  She claims she never signed on to be Mills caretaker too.

Heather and Sara have 28 days to come to an agreement on a settlement or the case will go in front of a judge.  The last time Paul's ex went before a judge, she ended up dumping a pitcher of water over the opposing lawyers head.

Mills is worth an estimated $51.4 million, thanks to a knock down drag out divorce settlement from the former Beatle.  Sources say it is likely that a settlement will be reached because Heather will do everything possible to keep the nanny from spilling any secrets, and you can bet she's seen and heard plenty.

Photo:  WENN