Jaimee Foxworth aka Crave & Judy Winslow (Photos)

jaimee foxworth

Jaimee Foxworth is a 29 year old actress who made her early mark in show business on the long-running sitcom Family Matters.  She played Judy Winslow but was written out of the script without explanation after three years of appearing on the very successful hit show.

With very little acting work coming in the years after Family Matters, Foxworth battled drugs, depression and poverty.  A judge ruled that her $500,000 trust fund could be used to save her family from bankruptcy, leaving her with nothing as she reached adulthood.

Foxworth, at age 19, agreed to do a photoshoot for a swimsuit calendar.  When she arrived at the studio she soon learned that there was more money to be made in the adult film industry.  Admittedly intoxicated and feeling pressured by her boyfriend, she agreed to film an explicit sex scene with another actress.  She was desperate for money and thought she could keep it a secret but of course it was soon all over the internet.

Taking the name Crave, she appeared in several films in 2000-2002 including Booty Talk 20, the Adventures of Peeping Tom 28 and Hot Girlz.

Foxworth told her story to Oprah on a segment titled Biggest Mistakes.

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