Celebrities Use MySpace to Defend Themselves


Brooke Hogan weighs in on her father Hulk Hogan's girlfriend Christiane Plante. "I think she should have thought about what kind of press she was gonna get when she slept with her friend's famous father."

After being booed at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Kanye West wrote this on his MySpace page: "Call me any name you want: arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, racist, metro, f-g...whatever you can think of.  But never say I didn't give it my all."


Joe Jonas wanted to clear the air about his split with country singer Taylor Swift.  "I never cheated on a girlfriend.  For those who have expressed concern over the '27 second phone call' ...phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk."

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