Kevin Federline's Girlfriend Has a Criminal History

kevin federline prince vegas

It didn't take long for dirt to surface on Victoria Prince, the new girlfriend of Kevin Federline.  Old friends and classmates are chomping at the bit for a chance to take a jab at Victoria and her shady past.

Prince was arrested last year for disturbing the peace and assault.  She plead not guilty and her case was eventually dismissed - so how bad could it have really been?  But when it comes to her high school days things weren't so rosy.

Allegedly, Kevin's girl "waged a war" on three kids in her HS.  Parents of the students filed for restraining orders but the judge told the school they needed to deal with the situation.

Victoria must have really feared for her life while in school because she was also caught with a stun gun on school grounds  and alcohol.   In her own defense she said the stun gun was for late night walks to her car after volleyball.

Check out her mugshot at TMZ.