Sondra Fortunato Booted from Giants Game for Skimpy Outfit

sondra fortunato

Sondra Fortunato, self-proclaimed "Miss Football," was escorted out of Giants Stadium last week wearing a Santa Claus outfit,  tiara, fishnet stockings, bathing suit bottom and high-heeled boots.

The well-endowed woman insists she was not showing any naughty bits, saying "You couldn't even see my underwear."

Carrying a suitcase containing Christmas presents and two signs reading "Go Giants" and "Have a No Guns Christmas," Fortunato was told signs and baggage weren't allowed.

Security also told the middle-aged woman to cover up because there were children present. According to Sondra she was told to wear a sweater to games and was lectured about her clothing choices. "Can't you come to the stadium dressed like a regular person?" she was asked.

"I guess some ladies got jealous and complained," Sondra figures.

View photos and video of Sondra Fortunato below.

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