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A love triangle at an Augusta, Georgia Middle School led to a sex scandal involving six teachers and a policeman who was working on campus to protect the students during school hours.

Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden has called the situation a “mess and an embarrassment”. Initial details surfaced included reports of teachers having sex during school hours on a blow up air mattress and rumors of a love child.

According to Bedden, “it has been so massive in the type of stuff that people say happened or did not happen–who’s telling the truth and who’s not.” He went on to say that after separating fact from fiction, they do know that some adults were having sex on school campus during school hours last school year.

It apparently started with a love triangle and a scorned lover, 7th grade teacher Denise Ogden. She sent several e-mail messages to the school system using a false name, attaching a photo of another teacher in her undergarments. An investigation began immediately and the allegations piled up quickly.

In the end, it turns out the Principal, public safety officer, several teachers, graduation coach John Barksdale, PE coach and a Special Education teacher were all implicated. Polygraph tests were given, phone records were obtained and questions were asked. According to Bedden, some were more helpful than others during the process.

The investigation determined that sex was going on inside the school office of officer Ronnie Collins. The officer has been fired from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and teacher Denise Ogden resigned as did Sharon McAlevy, the Spirit Creek Principal.

The rest of the accused are still employed by the school, though several received time off and letters of reprimand have been placed in their files. All of the names and findings have been turned over to the Professional Standard Commission, the agency that will determine whether the teachers involved will be able to keep their licenses.

Check out photos of some of those involved below. We’ve also included links after the pics to several other very recent sex scandals involving teachers.

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