Rachel Zoe Defends Her Skeletal Appearance


Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe knows what it feels like to be under the microscope.  The target of media rumors for some time now regarding her weight, Rachel is fighting back.

Zoe says it is not that she isn't eating because she eats, but don't expect to see her eating lunch because she considers that a "lull in the day." Former client Nicole Richie must have parted ways with Rachel on less than pleasant terms because Nicole once called her "raisin face."

"Truthfully, I have never seen myself as being too thin.   Sometimes I will look at photos and be like, 'oh, that's not a good look' but generally speaking, I am not too thin."

The stylist even goes so far as to name names of other thin celebs like Kate Moss, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn.  Sounds like a case of trying to point the finger in another direction.  Look....they're thin too.

Zoe is reportedly stunned that she is the scapegoat for all thin people but does admit that eating isn't always her top priority.

More photos below.

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Photos:  WENN