Martha Stewart Loves Rappers


Some may think it's odd that talk show host Martha Stewart takes a fond liking to rappers.  Snoop Dogg, P Diddy and LL Cool J are some of her favorites.

When Martha was released from the clink back in 2005, her very first guest on the relaunch of her show was none other than P Diddy.  Last week Snoop Dogg was on, showing Martha how to make his secret 'cognac potatoes'.  We have the video below - check it out.

Martha didn't get to the top of the money train because she's stupid....she knows what sells and has the guest list to prove it.   People love to see Martha interacting with her polar opposites.  Her uptight personality has been a great source of comedic interaction with some very hip guests.

Personally, we like to think that it is because they all have criminal pasts and the common attraction is to hang with your own kind.  Haha!  We don't really believe that but couldn't help but throw it out there.

Check out Martha and Snoop below.

Photo:  WENN