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Jennifer Garner went to court on November 7th to ask a judge for a protection order against Steven Burky. The 36 year old fan is 6’1″, weighs 145 lb and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Garner and her lawyer told the court that he has been engaging in “excessive and harassing behavior” toward the actress since 2002.

Things have escalated in recent months, prompting her to seek help from the court system. In her written affidavit, she stated that he has been sending “packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country.”

His letter writing campaign has exhibited increasingly bizarre and threatening behavior. He has shown up on the actresses doorstep, saying that God has sent him a vision that she is being persecuted and might die because of it.

Garner showed the judge reams of notes and birthday cards. Her security guard (see top photo), Dennis Bridwell also made a declaration attesting that Burky tried to gain entrance to her business office dressed as a monk.

The judge granted her a temporary restraining order that prohibits the alleged stalker from possessing or trying to obtain a gun. He must also stay at least 100 yards away from Jennifer, her husband Ben Affleck, their two year old daughter Violet, as well as the nanny, housekeeper and her assistant.

Garner went back to court today to ask a judge to make the temporary order permanent. He extended the order for a period of three years. According to ET, Burky is currently locked up in a psychiatric hospital ward.

The couple are expecting their second child this month.

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