Steve Guttenberg Jogs Through Central Park

steve guttenberg is crazy

Steve Guttenberg will do just about anything for a laugh - or so it seems.  We've got a video that 'bares' out that statement.  Guttenberg was recorded for posterity running gleefully through Central Park, exposing his nether regions along the way.

The actor has played the role of Carey Mahoney in Police Academy 1-4.  This latest staged stunt is still a mystery and we're all curious to find out what Guttenberg plans to do with the footage.

Speaking of footage, the crazy man was on The Howard Stern Show in August and bragged that he was especially well endowed and that it was a great source of confidence.  Now this is all beginning to make some sense.

In a fleeting attempt at respectability, the actor put on his dancing shoes for a few turns around the dance floor on the reality show Dancing with the Stars in April 2008.  His tenure was short before he got the proverbial boot.

Check out his DWTS pose below:

steve guttenberg dancing with the stars