Caitlin Davis: New England Patriots Cheerleader Fired (Photos)

caitlin davis fired from patriots cheerleading job

When Caitlin Davis, 18, joined the New England Patriots cheerleading squad at the beginning of the season she was thrilled with the opportunity to make numerous community service appearances with the team.  The pom pom teen was happily strutting her stuff until she got the boot for activities that were apparently unacceptable to team owners Bob Kraft and Myra Kraft.

As all teens seem inclined to do, Ms Davis published some photos on her Facebook page that showed a drunk and defenseless male being defaced with a Sharpie marker.  Davis and her partner in crime scrawled offensive words and drawings all over the torso, arms and face of a seemingly comatose young man

The rambling script included references to "penis", "I'm a Jew", and included drawings of swastikas.  Several of the drawings were graphic, depictions of the man's nether region accessories.

The former Foxboro High School cheerleader is the youngest to ever make the NFL cheering squad.   A tidbit from her profile on the team website reports that her favorite song is Wasted by Carrie Underwood.

New England Patriots spokesman Stacey James confirmed, "She is no longer with the squad."

Check out photos below, including the 2008 New England Patriots Cheerleading Squad.

  • caitlin and her friend do the dirty deed
  • caitlin davis photo 2
  • caitlin davis fired from patriots cheerleading job

  • nepc photo 1
  • nepc photo 2
  • nepc photo 3
  • nepc photo 4

  • nepc 2008 calendar shoot
  • nepc costumes and pom poms
  • all smiles
  • punta cana photo shoot nepc 2008 swimsuit calendar

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