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Wendy Button, a speechwriter for John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, has apparently seen the light to hear her tell it. She has written political speeches for over ten years and has always believed in the Democratic Party. All that has suddenly changed but it likely won’t resonate with the mainstream media.

Her post, So Long Democrats, is lengthy and windy but her points are easy enough to dissect:

John Edwards fall from grace hit her hard.

Not only has the Democratic party belittled working people in this campaign, it has also been part of tearing down two female candidates. The treatment of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is unforgivable according to Button. They stooped so low as to go after Clinton’s cleavage and Palin’s wardrobe.

She admits that she was dead wrong about the troop surge and thought it would be a disaster. She believes John McCain led when many were ready to quit.

The ‘hooker lines’ that she was paid to write were all posturing, a charade and a political game. The media scribbled down the one liners as if that was the essence of the message, when in fact it was the fluff.

The mocking of Joe the Plumber was one of the final straws. She didn’t leave the Democratic Party, but rather the Democratic Party left her.

Some bloggers are suggesting that you won’t hear much about this story among the talking heads of the mainstream media. They believe that had she been a Republican speechwriter who was suddenly swayed by Democrat Barack Obama, it would have played in every living room in America. They are suggesting media bias. You be the judge.

To read her entire speech, click here.

This grainy photo is poor quality but gives you some sense of the writer.