Ken Mink, 73, is a Roane State 'Senior' Basketball Player (Photos)

ken mink an aging basketball phenom 

Ken Mink, at the age of 73, will be 50 years older than his teammates when they begin the 2008-2009 basketball season on November 3rd in Harriman, Tennessee.   Roane State Community College is 50 miles from Knoxville and is giving septuagenarian Mink an opportunity to play as a member of their junior college team.

The 6 foot, 190 pounder will be listed on the weekly roster as a Senior - which seems fitting to be sure.  He played high school basketball until 1956 when he was kicked off the team for a shaving cream prank.  He went on to play college ball at Lees Junior College in Kentucky.

Mink has stayed in shape over the years by engaging in golf, skiing, hang gliding, hiking and his beloved basketball.  He has played on three senior teams and landed in three state tournaments.  In other words, the guy's got game.  He was so certain of that fact that he started a letter writing campaign to find a school that would give him an opportunity to play collegiate ball.

Roane's coach Randy Nesbit decided to give him a shot.  Turns out the old fella won't play more than five or six minutes per outing because he isn't totally keyed in on the complicated offensive and defensive strategies.  The season opener is November 3.  Rumor has it that a representative of Guiness Book of Records will be on hand to record Ken's debut.

Check out another photo below.

  • ken mink left at a team workout
  • ken mink 73