Kat Von D Has Taken a Sobriety Oath


Tattoo artist Kat Von D has decided to give up her hard partying ways and is crediting her boyfriend Motely Crue band member Nikki Sixx for leading her down the right path.

Kat really rose to fame with her reality show L.A. Ink but after her divorce from Oliver Peck she turned to the bottle.  With the love and support from her current man Nikki, Kat is ready to change her life.  In an interview with Latina magazine she said:

"For a long time I felt like there's no God, there's no karma.  Meeting Nikki was an eye-opener.  He helped restore my faith in general.  I've taken an oath to be honest and open with my life.  (Before that) I found myself drinking in the daytime, and that's when I realized that it was for function versus fun.  I was gaining weight.  I was hung over all the time.  I couldn't remember anything...One day I woke up and said, "I don't wanna drink anymore."

We wish Kat much success with her sobriety!  Check out our photos of Nikki and Kat below.

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Photo:  WENN