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The Alexander McQueen Spring and Summer 2009 collection was featured during Paris Fashion Week. We’ve got some of the runway photos but one of his most famous creations is a feather wedding dress that was created and worn by Mimi van Wyck.

The partner in an event planning company in NYC, she wore the gown in her April 2007 nuptials. She was sheathed in spiraling layers of silk tulle looking every bit the 19th century heroine in a little bit of role playing. Doesn’t every bride and groom? Maybe not, but this particular pose is worthy of a look.

One of the models shown in this story fainted after coming off the runway because her leather corset was cinched too tightly. She can be seen wearing it with two different dresses. She was apparently revived quickly and continued modeling during the event.

Alexander McQueen catwalk photo gallery below.

Photos: WENN