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Sarah Palin‘s face is on the cover of Newsweek…..well, actually it is part of the Alaska Governor’s facial profile. The issue is dated October 13, 2008 and hit newsstands on Monday.

The story, written by Jon Meacham, is entitled She’s One of The Folks (And that’s the problem). A fair amount of criticism has been leveled against Newsweek for putting Palin on the cover in a photo that shows all of her pores, wrinkles, age lines and blemishes. Most covers are a product of Photoshop magic to the nth degree.

We actually think that Palin is not hampered by Newsweek’s alleged slight. She’s an extremely attractive woman who shines in any light. Most would give her that – even if they strongly disagree with her politics.

Check out Palin’s family photo gallery here. She sat for an Oprah Interview on Nov. 16, 2009 to launch her new book Going Rogue.

Palin is on the November 2009 cover of Newsweek as well – click to fully expand photos.