Russian Billionaire Abramovich Builds $400 Million Super Yacht

abromovich builds super yacht

Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich has commissioned yet another yacht to add to his ever growing stable.  His current 'rides' include Pelorus, Ecstasea and Sussurro, none of which have missile defense capabilities so it was time to shell out a mere $400 million and get the job done right.

Abramovich, 41, is worth a reported $24 billion.  He has already named his new floating city Eclipse because it will overshadow all other private boats.  The mega yacht will be armor plated, have bullet proof windows and carry a missile detection system.  Ridiculous?  On the contrary....according to the International Maritime Bureau, pirates attacked 269 vessels last year, took 300 hostages and killed five people.

Not the worry though because Abramovich's personal cabin will be totally encased in armor plating.  The 550 foot long vessel comes with a submarine that can dive to a depth of 160 feet in case Abramovich and his 26 year old girl friend Daria Zhukova need to make a quick escape.

The mega ship is being secretly built in a German shipyard and will include twin helicopter pads, anti bugging equipment and will be manned by a crew of 70, including a large security detail.  The Eclipse will have cabins for 24 guests and can boast a movie theater, aquarium, disco and hospital.

That, my friends, is how the extremely rich spend their money.   We've got photos of the famous couple enjoying another of their yachts.  Check out those photos here.

Another photo gallery below.