Rachael Ray to Undergo Throat Surgery

rachael ray needs throat surgery

Rachael Ray is an Emmy award winning talk show host who has her fingers in many pots.  She has a daily syndicated show Rachael Ray, stars in 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray Tasty Travels, has her own wildly popular cookware line, has written a pile of cookbooks and publishes a monthly magazine Every Day With Rachael Ray.

One thing that has been obvious about the cooking superstar and that is the fact that she often sounds like she is hoarse.  Several times she has all but squeaked during a live show, and in one segment her guest star did virtually all of the talking.  Now we find out that the issue is a benign polyp on her vocal cord that must be surgically removed.

Contrary to rumors that she thought she had throat cancer, Ray says it was never that dire.  She indicates that the surgery will be postponed until December, when she will have enough time to recover from the 'in and out' procedure.  The most difficult part of the process will be the need for her to remain totally silent for a week or so after having the cyst removed.

Rachael indicates that she has had trouble with her voice since she was a child.  She finally went to a voice doctor who taught her how to exercise her throat and cautioned her against too much caffeine.

Ray is currently in Italy celebrating her third wedding anniversary with her husband John Cusimano.

Check out their wedding photo below.

three years ago john and rachael got married in italy