Madonna and A-Rod Get Cozy Again!

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Word on the street is that the romance between singing legend Madonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is back on.  The two were seen on Tuesday having a "cozy" dinner at Dos Caminos on Third Avenue reports

Sources at the restaurant described the two as "very close" and said that they dined at an alcove-like table in the back.  If either of the celebrities comment on the dinner it will likely be described as a business lunch because Alex wanted to donate more money to the singers charity "Raising Malawi."

Rodriguez' four year marriage to Cynthia Rodriguez ended and their divorce was finalized last month.  Her lawyer Earle Lilly explained the relationship between A-Rod and Madge as an "affair of the heart."  Cynthia didn't specifically cite the alleged Madonna affair as the demise of their marriage but she did cite A-Rod's ongoing infidelity as the reason.

Alex has been thrown under the bus by many of his "friends" and has been described as a womanizer.  Another friend stated that Rodriguez describes Madonna as his "soul mate."

This should start a little controversy and surely more rumors will fly.  Seems odd that after the media attention finally died down on the situation that Madonna would start it all up again.  Private meetings work well too... just a thought.

Photos:  WENN