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It was nearly a free-for-all during the opening segment of the ABC morning talk show The View on Wednesday. As is their normal practice, the ladies chimed in on some hot topics and politics was at the forefront. Behar wanted to discuss Katie Couric‘s latest interview with Sarah Palin and things quickly got heated.

Palin made a stump speech earlier this week and she got a big laugh when she remarked that she’s been hearing about 65 year old Joe Biden‘s Senate speeches since she was in 2nd grade. Couric brought up the sound bite during their interview and asked, “When you have a 72 year old running mate isn’t that a risky thing to say?” Palin replied, “Oh no, it’s not anything negative.”

Joy Behar was livid about the way Palin tried to insinuate that she hadn’t meant it as a slight against Biden. She blurted, “The fact that she’s so dumb as to say”…. which brought a host of wow’s and whoa’s from the other View co-hosts and studio audience. She then tempered her words and corrected, “Politically not astute, let’s put it that way.”

That was just the beginning. Barbara Walters turned on Elisabeth Hasselbeck in an uncharacteristic manner. Whoopi Goldberg did what she does best – she demanded to be heard and started out with her ever popular statement “the truth is”. Who knew she was the truth squad. With 34 days to go until election day, we need to brace ourselves because it’s starting to get really, really ugly.

Check it out on video below: