Michael Phelps and Stephanie Rice Hook Up (Photos)

stephanie rice and michael phelps in beijing

Michael Phelps, fresh from his 8 gold medal sweep continues to be the source of speculation regarding a girlfriend. He has been noncommittal about his personal life, indicating to interviewers that it is the only part of his life that he continues to guard.

Amanda Beard was rumored to be romantically involved with the mega athlete but she vehemently denied the rumors and nearly spat out a denial with a dramatic "Ew!" - which spoke volumes. There is a new connection that has reportedly been made between Aussie gold medal swimmer Stephanie Rice and Phelps.

In fact, the couple reportedly were seen in a lip lock outside of the Olympic Village at a celebratory bash of athletes, according to Page Six. The sighting is reportedly 'all the buzz' among the athletes. The pair have since been photographed together while doing a promotional photo shoot, where they reportedly laughed and joked around.

Rice, who won 3 gold medals at the Beijing Games, has been honored by Australia with the task of carrying her country's flag during the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Phelps won't be around to witness the event because he is heading to Europe to do some corporate work for the 2012 London Games.

Check out thumbnails of Rice and Phelps below - click to enlarge.

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Top Photo: heraldsun.com.au